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The Great Partition (in 1947) of post colonial British India led to conflict and the birth of a divided Indian subcontinent. Indians of different faith, found themselves on the wrong side of the great religious divide, and what ensued was one of the most massive and tragic migration of human mass, as Hindus/Sikhs fled to India from Muslim majority Pakistan, and vice versa.

The Big Shift

Some claim that the forefathers of the Japanese were wandering tribes from mainland Asia. And it seems that this attitude of impermanence continued to permeate early Japanese society for many years before they settled down to become a cohesive nation.

Japan as a nation has been at the forefront of extreme calamities. For the word “Tsunami,” was coined by the Japanese to describe the resulting monster waves from the many earthquakes that they experienced. Will Mt Fuji erupt as it is indeed rumbling to life, after lying relatively dormant for the past 300 odd years. Will that trigger the climax for the increased seismic activities since the Tohoku Earthquake?

One More Shake

A disproportionate part of the population of Japan is concentrated on the main island of Honshu. And within it, very much on the East coast. Predictions abound about the impending big quake in Tokyo. It is about “when?”, not “whether?”. And where will the survivors go? Up north to Hokkaido, the “Siberia of Japan”? Or down South to Kyushu Island, with its warmer climes, ample space and plentiful water?

And modern day Japan was not spared the wrath of fire from the two atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. A book was written about the true World War 2 story of a Korean Christian lady whom God sent to forewarn the Japanese hierarchy of the nation being destroyed by fire from Heaven if they do not repent and continue to engage in imperialistic adventures upon her neighbors.

Glory Of His House

God is indeed bringing a revival in Japan. Christian foreigners (“Gaijin”) are called to lay the groundwork in preparation for the great commission. We are responding by beginning our ministry in a small little Friendship Corner in Fukuoka.

We are committed to evolve the Friendship Corner to a bigger Friendship House – an “Ark” as a place of refuge and comfort for many who will make their move from Tokyo/Nagoya surrounds. They will find that God is indeed suffice. We are looking forward to train Japanese Christians to engage with the general populace, and in a place where God is present.

Ministering To Families

In a graying population the Japanese young generation are facing greater challenges. 16% of children in Japan are in the poverty bracket. Many of them come from single parent families, as divorce rate rises over years. The abuse and neglect by parents are more and more highlighted in recent years. Japanese children and their parents need Christian support and assistance.

Children are more receptive to the gospel and Christian values at early age. Through them we can effectively reach their parents. We are conducting children English camp for families in the neighborhood. We also reach out to children from the poor families sourced out by Fukuoka city government. We also conduct English conversation classes for university students and for adults in the community.

The Great Commission

A friendship house with Christian ministries is most effective for making impact to the Japanese community. We are already reaching out to children and families. We will run business seminar for Japanese wanting to learn from the English-speaking world. We are plan to serve the community with Christian Childcare/Kindergarten, café, language and music school. It is our ultimate vision that the community will come to believe in the Christian faith and join together to learn and worship.

Will you join us in this Great Commission? For when God shakes, many will awake. For there will not just be a massive shift of one’s abode, but a realignment of once closed hearts, in what was once very hard ministry ground.