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We set up International Friendship House (IFH) as a bridge between Singapore and Japan, to connect business owners and professionals. We hope to provide consultancy for Singaporeans wanting to invest in Japan, and also to assist Japanese companies looking to expand to overseas markets.

Japan As Number 1

Ezra Vogel’s bestseller “Japan as No.1” published in 1979, lauded the industrial competitiveness of Japan over the US in that era. Singapore Prime Minister then, the late Lee Kuan Yew, called the nation to “look east” to Japan, and benefited much from her technology transfer and economic aid. Ironically, Singapore’s real GDP per person has surpassed Japan’s since the year 2000, and is now regarded as an “economic miracle”, an accolade reserved for Japan in the 80s.
Japan will continue to captivate many Singaporeans. Apart from its beautiful scenery and exquisite cuisines, Japanese attention to excellence and professionalism are qualities Singapore can benefit from.

Seminar on Investors Relationship

At IFH, we hold business seminars for the exchange of ideas, and foster closer ties and exchange. On 27 Jan 2015 we invited Mr Basskaran Nair, adjunct professor at the LKY Policy Institute to speak on “Investors Relationship – Taking your company global”.
Basskaran shared about brand building, investors relations tools, and the need for strong media relations. We discussed the strength of Fukuoka and how outside investors look at Japan. If the investors have such a high opinion of Fukuoka, why is it not making an impact? What change must take place before Fukuoka companies reach out to the world? Is it cultural? Is it mindset of leadership? Or is it just a lack of understanding of the global investment climate?

Seminar On Journey To The Top

On 16 Mar 2015 we invited Mr Lye Fei to speak on “Journey to the Top”. Lye Fei shared about his journey to become CEO of an organization of 5000, and he attributed all the success to God who is our Heavenly Father. He highlighted the wonders of nature and the intricate design of the human body as proof of a Great Creator!
IFH will continue to dialog with marketplace leaders and to build relationships for mutual benefits. We seek to add value to Japanese companies, and to assist potential companies seeking listing on the Singapore Exchange.