International Friendship House (IFH) is a business venture with a social focus. The shareholders behind IFH are a nice mix of Singaporeans sprinkled with homegrown Japanese partners, but all with a love for Japan and her people. IFH is where the interest of the community is placed ahead of profits.


  • To connect business and people; assisting Japanese companies to expand overseas, and to facilitate investment opportunities in Japan.
  • To establish an International Christian kindergarten, majoring in holistic development of character, mind and body. Using a unique curriculum, we aim to also guide parents to develop their children’s potential with strong family values.
  • To assist single-parent families and children in poverty through premier education and relevant help.

What We Do

  • Meeting place for the local and international community to develop relationships, business opportunities, and skill sets.
  • Provide affordable, friendly and comfortable accommodation for locals as well as foreign visitors for long and short term stay.
  • Train and link young people from Japan for internships and jobs in Singapore and other Asian countries.
  • Happening place for Christians to fellowship as well as for their non-Christian friends to study the Bible and embark on meaningful social projects.




  • ビジネスと人を繋ぎます:日本企業の海外進出の手助け、日本での投資機会の促進
  • 人格形成、知力、体力を培う総合的な教育を目指す、国際的クリスチャン幼稚園の創設。ユニークなカリキュラムを用い、子供達の可能性を最大限に引き出すため、また、強い家族の絆形成のために、父兄の指導をも行います
  • 最良の教育、その他の援助を通じて、単身親家庭や貧困層の子供達を援助します。


  • 日本人と外国人が集まり、関係、スキルを築くためのコミュニティーの場の提供
  • 長短期の日本人、外国人への、低価格で親しみやすい快適な宿泊施設の提供
  • 日本人の若者向けに、シンガポール、その他のアジア諸国においての、就職、及び、インターンシッププログラムの斡旋、トレーニングの提供
  • クリスチャン、またクリスチャンじゃない人達が集まって、聖書を学び、社会に役立つプロジェクトを推進していく、ハップニングな場所の提供